8 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Security Patrol for Your Neighborhood

If you are a Homeowner’s Association or property manager in charge of the security for your private community, you have a lot on your plate every day. When you are responsible for entire neighborhoods, crime prevention is of primary concern. There are a lot of decisions to make, and mistakes can be costly.

For example, do you need a roving security guard, or will access control, entry/exit screening, and employee vigilance be enough? Should you keep security in-house, or hire a professional security company? And, what about community events like picnics and neighborhood get-togethers? Do they have special security requirements?

As you already know, criminals strike without warning, and they’re getting smarter every day. An entire gated community is a lot of area to secure, and crime can happen at any time of the day or night. A mobile security detail can cover a lot of ground, and they’re often the best choice for neighborhood security. Here are eight reasons to consider hiring a professional roving security patrol for your neighborhood.

1. The Mere Presence of Roving Security Can Deter Criminal Activity in Your Neighborhood.

Most criminals will look for an easy target where they’re the least likely to get caught. A roving security patrol ensures that the entire area is being observed at all times, day and night.

The prominent use of uniformed, roving security deters criminals from your neighborhood because of the higher risk of getting caught. In many cases, they’ll move on and look for an easier target.

While property employees should always be on the lookout for anything suspicious, their presence does little to deter criminal activity because they are easy to avoid, and they’re often busy with other tasks.

2. Roving Security Prevents Vandalism and Other Mischief in Private Communities.

Vandalism is a broad term that describes random acts of property damage and mischief. Many times, it can be teenagers and other miscreants from your own neighborhood doing the damage, which means access control and entry/exit screening is not enough.

Sometimes they will spray paint graffiti on exterior walls or break windows on empty houses for fun. Other times, they’ll break into unoccupied dwellings to hang out and party, often doing costly damage to private property in the process. New construction is also vulnerable to vandalism because there’s often expensive equipment laying around.

A professional, patrolling security guard is specially trained to prevent these types of problems. He or she will keep an eye out for troublemakers and stop them before property is damaged. He or she will also know which properties are unoccupied and vulnerable, keeping a close eye on them at night when vandals are more likely to strike.

3. Roving Security Can Respond to Emergencies in the Community Quickly.

Having a roving security detail on-site means that a qualified person can respond to emergency situations within moments, taking charge of the situation until first responders arrive. Professional security has specialized training to handle all types of emergencies, from active shooters and domestic disturbances to property theft and vandalism.

On the other hand, they are also on hand to identify false alarms in the neighborhood, so they can notify police right away and limit commotion in the community.

4. A Roving Security Guard Can Patrol the Entire Neighborhood.

Residential neighborhoods are large, with a vast amount of ground to cover. There are lots of out of the way places for criminals to cause mischief.

While monitored security cameras are suitable for surveillance in targeted areas, they will have blind spots that can be avoided by smart criminals. Patrolling security guards can survey the entire neighborhood and be on hand to take charge of situations as they are patrolling.

5. A Professional Security Company Can Provide Extra Security During Peak Times.

When you work with a professional security company, you have access to expert security during peak times, such as around the holidays or during large community events. In house security just doesn’t offer the same advantages.

Christmas gifts and other valuables present a tempting target for thieves. Theft is also more common around holiday times when people are traveling. And, public disturbances are much more likely to happen when there are crowds of people, such as during community events.

Many times, having visible, uniformed guards on hand can prevent problems before they happen. It’s best to have extra patrols during these times, and a professional security company will have all the professionally trained staff you need, right at your fingertips.

6. Mobile Security Guards are More Alert.

Staying vigilant at all times is tough, especially if you’re sitting still. A security officer who sits in a guardhouse monitoring security cameras all night can quickly become complacent. With so little stimulation and supervision, he or she could easily fall asleep, leaving the neighborhood vulnerable to mischief and crime.

On the other hand, mobile security officers are alert and active throughout their shift. They are always on patrol, moving from one area to another. An actively patrolling officer is much more likely to see, hear, or even smell when there’s something not right in the community.

7. Professional Security Guards Receive Specialized Training.

Possibly the most crucial reason to hire a professional roving security guard is that they receive quality, specialized, and ongoing training. Their company’s reputation relies on them doing a good job, so they take their responsibility seriously.

Professional security officers are taught about surveillance, attention to detail, patrolling, emergency management, and much more. Many will even have law enforcement or military training. Most neighborhoods wouldn’t have the resources to provide this type of training to an in-house security officer.

8. A Roving Security Guard Won’t Form Unprofessional Relationships with Residents.

While it may be tempting to keep your security in-house, it’s not the best idea. A security guard who spends multiple hours every day on the same property long-term is likely to form friendships with residents, which can lead to lapses in judgment. A professional roving officer will get to know the area and be friendly to the residents, but he won’t be taking the time form unprofessional relationships that could lead to bad decisions in the future.

At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind of yourself or your community’s residents. Having a roving security officer in your neighborhood is the best way to prevent crime and handle emergencies quickly. When keeping people and property safe is a top priority, it’s time to consider a professional security company.

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