9 Reasons Your Hotel Needs Private Security Guards

If you are the owner or manager of a hotel, maintaining the safety of guests, staff and property should be a top priority. From guests and guest visitors to patrons coming into your bars and restaurants for dinner and drinks, there are a lot of people coming and going from your hotel every day. Keeping the property safe and secure is a monumental task. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top reasons you need to hire private security guards for your hotel.

In House Vs. Private Security Guards

Unfortunately, hotels are significant targets for terrorists and criminals, and highly trained security has become even more critical in recent years. If you are on the fence about whether you should have an in-house security team or work with a professional security company, professional guards are a much better option for hotels for several reasons. 

First, your security needs will increase during peak times, such as special events, peak season, or holidays. Working with a private security company gives you the flexibility to have just the right number of guards on the property at all times.

Private security guards also receive extensive and ongoing training in things like theft prevention, active shooter situations, and much more. Very few hotels have the resources to provide the level of training a private security company offers. A professional security company will also supervise their guards, ensuring that they don’t become complacent on the job.

And, finally, in house security guards can become overly friendly with guests and staff when they’re on the grounds interacting with them every day. This can lead to unprofessional friendships and potentially bad decisions in the event of theft or other indiscretions by staff members or guests.

9 Reasons Hotels Should Hire Private Security Guards

Private security guards are an excellent solution for hotel security. Having professionally trained security on site will give you and your guests peace of mind. Here are some of the duties of a professional hotel security guard.

1. Monitor Entry and Exit Points

As we’ve already mentioned, hotels have a constant stream of unidentified people entering and exiting the property at all times of the day. For that reason, entry and exit points should be monitored for anyone or anything that seems out of place. Private security guards are professionally trained to be aware of suspicious activity and behavior. 

They can keep an eye on the lobby and monitor entry doors, often preventing issues before they even happen by identifying people who shouldn’t be on the property or are acting strangely. Private security guards are the best way to monitor entry and exit points because their presence alone is often enough to deter criminals from entering the premises.

2. Prevent Theft

Thieves usually look for easy targets, so a private roving security guard in the hotel and the parking lot is an effective way to deter theft on the property. Thieves will be scared of getting caught and will likely move on to another more accessible target. If there is a problem, a private security guard will have the proper training to handle the issue quickly and quietly, before things get out of hand. They will be able to remove criminals from the property to prevent further problems and work with local law enforcement, should the need arise.

3. Prevent Property Damage

Sometimes guests can get out of hand and break things in their hotel rooms or in other areas of the property. The presence of a uniformed security guard is an effective way to prevent this type of activity. Not only that but when a professional security guard patrols the hotel, he will listen and watch for destructive behavior and be able to put a stop to it. He can catch the criminal in the act so proper steps can be taken to reimburse the hotel for property damage, as well as remove the offender from the premises.

4. Handle Disorderly Conduct

It’s not uncommon for guests or visitors to become unruly on hotel grounds. Perhaps they’ve had too much to drink at the hotel bar, or maybe a couple has gotten into a loud or physical argument. When problems like this occur, they can escalate quickly and disrupt other guests, possibly even putting them in danger. 

Private security guards are professionally trained to de-escalate disorderly conduct. They know how to calm the situation and can escort the individual, causing the issue to his/her room or off the grounds, if need be. Having the ability to handle these types of situations in-house keeps other guests from being disturbed or inconvenienced.

5. Respond to Emergencies

Private security officers are also trained to respond to emergencies, such as fires, gas leaks, a missing child, and more. Since they’re already on location, they can act quickly to provide clear instructions for guests and staff, getting them out of the building safely. A private security guard can also assist you in training our employees in the best way to respond to emergencies so they can react appropriately and without panic should the need arise.

6. Protect Employees and Guests During a Security Breach

Private security officers receive extensive training to handle all types of security breaches. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, guest, or someone off the street threatening the security of people on the hotel property, a private security officer can act quickly and take measures to keep everyone safe until authorities arrive. 

7. Offer Peace of Mind

Having visible, professionally trained private security guards on hand will offer peace of mind to guests and employees. Knowing that someone is around to maintain the peace puts everyone at ease, knowing the situation will be handled professionally and quickly. This provides a sense of security and safety that will improve the experience of employees and guests.

8. Monitor Security Cameras

Most hotels have security cameras to monitor high traffic and remote areas of the building and property. Private security guards are trained to use this monitoring equipment properly, and they know what sort of suspicious activity to watch for. They can alert other security guards to any issues so that they’re handled immediately, with minimal disturbance to guests. 

9. Improve Customer Service

In addition to all the security benefits a professional security guard brings to your hotel, they can also improve customer service. A uniformed, professional security guard is easily approachable, and guests will feel comfortable approaching them for directions or to ask questions. They create a trustworthy presence that guests can turn to during their day to day activities around the hotel. 

As a hotel manager or owner, the safety of guests, staff, and property are your responsibility. GCI Security can help you create a customized security plan for your hotel that will ensure the security and safety of both people and property at your hotel. Hiring skilled, professional security guards will give you peace of mind and keep your guests happy.

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