GCI Security's Five-Star Focus

GCI Security is able to offer the highest level of security services by being dedicated and responsive to the needs of our customers. We take a unique approach to customer service by looking at our clients as partners—not account numbers. Using our high personnel standards and management training, we achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

At GCI, we have built our company using a “Five-Star Focus” that centers on:


Our clients communicate directly with the company’s highest rung of management to ensure that each client has a built-to-suit security plan in place. Our 24-hour dispatch center gives our clients the opportunity to speak to a security guard at any time and we ensure that all issues are responded to and resolved quickly. Client accounts are treated individually and no customer is lost in the shuffle, thus allowing us to provide unbeatable security coverage.

Experience & Expertise

A security company must be knowledgeable and experienced to provide the highest quality of security guards and services. GCI Security offers over 20 years of proven reliability, quality management and reliable security and police officers with decorated backgrounds.


We offer our security guards and officers better compensation than most in the industry, which has been proven to lead to higher performance, better service quality and pride in one’s work.

Advanced Technology

GCI Security offers GPS monitoring services for all security patrols. We focus on state-of-the-art technology to help our security guards provide the highest quality of protection. Using advanced surveillance technology, high-definition cameras, remote live monitoring and long-term surveillance video storage services—up to 365 days—we provide clients with technology not commonly available anywhere else in the industry.


GCI may pay our officers some of the highest wages in the industry and offer the latest technology in video surveillance, but we also maintain a level of affordability that our competitors cannot. Our unique pricing structure offers our clients the best of our security guards and surveillance services at an affordable rate.

a few words about GCI Security

rect4136GCI Security has been offering our security professionals to residents of St. Louis for over 25 years.

As the best in class for residential and commercial security, GCI Security is a trusted leader with proven responsiveness and excellence in all levels of security service including security officer presence and surveillance system installation.

We understand that the private security industry is about quality-based, results-oriented services. That is what sets GCI Security apart from the rest of the competition—we understand what our customers need and what the industry demands of us. The core of GCI’s success comes from a blend of quality security professionals, industry-best training practices and our dedication to the security of our customers and their establishments.

Meet our team of security experts

  • Gary Cole

    Gary Cole, a long-time executive in the security business, purchased GCI Security in September of 2011.  Gary served as operations manager for the business since it's inception in 1989.  In addition to his managerial expertise, Gary has received over 240 hours of training with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department…

  • George Venegoni

    George Venegoni has worked with the entity of GCI Security for over 20 years, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience gained through his work with the St. Louis Police Department. During his 37-year career with the St. Louis Police Department, Venegoni served as a detective and detective sergeant in the Intelligence…

  • Harold Donnell

    Harold Donnell is the latest addition to the GCI Security management team, serving as Field Operations Supervisor. Prior to joining GCI Security, Harold worked in management with BMW Event Security Services beginning in 2007. He managed up to 50 security officers on any given night, contributing an enjoyable environment for thousands…