Neighborhood Surveillance Projects

As crime continues to expand into neighborhoods that were once thought of as safe, the need for increased security measures has become evident. Unfortunately, large surveillance companies are swooping in, preying on emotion, and charging absurd prices tor surveillance installations. GCI Security is proud to offer affordable Neighborhood Surveillance Projects which combine state-of-the-art, high-definition security cameras, digital video recording, long-term data storage capability, and even live surveillance monitoring.

Why are these companies charging so much? Large neighborhood camera projects are being proposed in many areas at astronomical price points, outsourcing these jobs to out-of-town businesses who have to build a network from the ground up.

St. Louis ward to use cameras to fight crime

St. Louis’ Central West End to get 91 new surveillance cameras

GCI Security has full-access to a reliable metro wireless network that covers well over a thousand square miles in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area. Because of this, GCI has the ability to deliver high capacity data circuits over our private network anywhere within this region. This allows us to offer identical surveillance for thousands of dollars cheaper to neighborhoods in the Midwest. GCI Security also boasts a datacenter in a 30 million plus dollar hardened facility with access to every Tier 1 carrier that comes into the region.

GCI Security has a staff of network engineers, RF Engineers, data and video technicians that are fully capable of designing, installing and maintaining neighborhood surveillance systems of any size. GCI is also proud to offer immediate 24/7 technical support with local technicians.

Our technicians have completed Presidential and Homeland Security video and data projects. In addition, technicians have installed several cameras and DVR/NVRs in the Central West End and our associates currently supply video back-haul for Fox2 in the Central West End and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at Maryland Manor.


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