South St. Louis Residents March to Support Wounded SLMPD Officer

St. Louis Alderman Donna Baringer helped lead a peace rally 24 hours after a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer was wounded in her ward. The rally began at St. Gabriel Church and hundreds of marchers made an approximately 1 mile walk to the scene of Sunday night’s shooting.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson shook the hands of people who lined up outside the church.  He told them their presence makes, “all the difference in the world.”

Dotson said the wounded officer is now recovering at home.

One woman who stood in line is the wife of a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer and a friend of the wounded officer.

“We read a lot of unkind things towards police officers and it’s hard to be a police officer’s family right now,” she said.   “But it means a lot to see everybody come together.”

“I’ve talked to a lot of spouses of police officers who say that could have been my husband, that could have been my significant other,” said Dotson.

The rally ended with a moment of silence and the crowd singing Let there be Peace on Earth.  Dotson said the show of support should go a long way to helping officers do their jobs.

“There are a lot of police officers here tonight and I hope they see too that the community has their back,” said Dotson.  “The community is here to make sure that police officers know they can go out and do their job and they’ll have the community right behind them.”

A community comes together to support police officers