Weekend shootings leave at least 11 wounded in St. Louis

Gun violence in the City of St. Louis kept police busy for the second night in a row. Ten separate shootings left at least 11 people wounded in a 48-hour span.

Community leaders are making a plea to stop the violence.  "St. Louis we are trending towards and now we are in crisis“ said James Clark with Better Family Life.

"It is just a forecast of what is to come. We need to begin to mobilize resources and do aggressive outreach into our more challenge neighborhoods “added Clark.

"Gang violence is the culture that is being perpetuated by the  TV series and  thinking that is the way to go ,but we need to reach out to our young people and tell them there is a different way  to go” said Bishop Lawrence Wooten.

Authorities say on Friday 4 people were killed within 24 hours.

Bishop Lawrence Wooten knows the family of the male victim that was fatally shot Friday night in the parking lot of BP Gas Station near Interstate 70 and Bircher.  "A parent just crying and tore up because her son had been shot down and brutally murdered" said Bishop Wooten.

Saturday’s gun violence left at least 7 more people wounded within a five hour span.

Some residents in the areas affected are now taking extra safety precautions.  “Residents, politicians and our civic leaders. We have got to take a deep look at what we are doing and just be honest and understand what we are doing right now is not even beginning to meet the challenge of this crisis. We do a lot of talking but at this hour lip service won’t serve us," said Clark.