What Industries Are Increasing Security And Why

Guarding the safety of people and property has always been a priority for most business owners. However, there’s no doubt that threat levels are on the rise in our country and throughout the rest of the world. For this reason, many industries are turning to private security for additional protection against criminals.

It’s been estimated that the private security industry itself has grown at least 17% over the last 10 years. And it’s not only the industries we would typically think of as high risk, either. The need for professional security has spread from popular restaurants in larger towns to the education sector, and all types of industries in between.

Here’s a look at several industries that are hiring security guards and why they feel additional security is necessary.

Education Sector

We’re all well aware of the horrific attacks that are becoming more and more common in our schools. All types of educational institutions are becoming more security-aware, including colleges, high schools, and middle schools. However, it’s the primary schools that seem to be taking the threat most seriously. 

Private security officers are becoming much more commonplace in public schools. In fact, the presence of private security in public schools has increased by more than 12% in the last 10 years. Schools are seeing the value of private security for deterring things like school shootings, controlling bullying, and responding to criminal incidents on school grounds.

Not only that, but additional security officers are being brought in to prevent riots due to political tension and protect guest speakers in these politically controversial times. While there are still those who feel that the presence of armed security takes away from a nurturing educational environment, many people are beginning to realize that they are necessary for keeping our students safe.

Food and Beverage Industry

There has also been a dramatic increase in the number of restaurants and bars who are hiring private security. With gun violence and terrorism on the rise around the world, it’s easy to see why additional steps are needed. The presence of uniformed security alone is enough to deter many incidents, including theft and other criminal activity.

Corporate Industry

Many corporations are beginning to see the value of private security at all building entry and exit points. Security officers receive specialized training that teaches them how to spot suspicious individuals and activities, which protects corporate properties in a variety of ways. Of course, theft is one of the most obvious, but corporate espionage is also becoming a prominent concern.

The growing threat of espionage from international companies and the increased risk of cyber-attack have led to the increased use of private security in office buildings. Private security companies are providing their officers with more and more awareness training to help prevent this type of attack.

Medical Marijuana Industry

With the legalization of medical marijuana across the country, there’s also a need for a security presence to protect people, inventory, and cash at marijuana dispensaries. These establishments present a tempting target for thieves, not only for the cash on hand, but also for the product itself. Security officers can act as a deterrent against theft from both outside sources and unscrupulous employees.

Other Industries Where Private Security Officers Are Becoming More Common

Many other industries are beginning to realize that private security can protect their businesses in a number of ways. And not just from outside sources, but also from employee theft, which has become more and more common in recent years.

For example, huge businesses like Google hire private security to keep their premises secure against criminals who may attempt to gain the sensitive, private personal data of people from all over the world. Grocery stores, retail stores, and banks hire private security as a deterrent against crime, as well as for the protection of money and people on the premises.

Key Reasons to Consider Hiring Private Security for Your Business

Clearly, private security officers are becoming much more common across all types of industries. Here are some additional reasons why business owners are working with private security companies more and more.

  • Peace of mind: Of course, hiring security officers for your business gives you peace of mind, but it goes much further than that. Visible security helps your staff and customers feel safe and protected when they are in your business. This is especially important if your business is considered high risk for theft, or if it’s located in a high-risk area.
  • Criminal deterrent: When visible security guards are present, criminals are much more likely to pass up your business in favor of an easier target. Not only that, but security officers are highly trained to spot security breaches, evaluate the situation, and act quickly, often preventing criminal activity from occurring in the first place. It’s a much more proactive option than utilizing security cameras and local authorities to try to catch criminals after the damage has already been done.
  • Real-time monitoring: While security cameras do have their place in an overall security plan, their usefulness is limited mainly to recording evidence that can be used after the fact. Security officers are on hand and present to patrol your business and monitor security in the present time, which means they can get local law enforcement involved immediately, if needed, to minimize the impact on your business.
  • Restricted access for unauthorized individuals: Depending on what type of industry you’re in, it may be necessary to restrict access to your business for any number of reasons. A private security officer can check the credentials of individuals entering the entire premises or just to restricted areas within your business. This is especially useful in clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries where access to controlled substances must be carefully monitored.

Private security officers can help to ensure the safety of people, property, and cash at your business in an age where crime is at an all-time high. From the corporate sector to public education, uniformed security guards actually lower the risk of criminal activity. Contact us for more information, or to hire a private security team for your business!


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