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Our Services

Whether you're looking for guards, cameras or investigations, GCI Security has you covered.

Security and Police Officers

Experienced armed and unarmed security forces

GCI Security offers licensed, well-trained security officers. Armed or unarmed security personnel are available depending on your needs. These officers are licensed by the Board of Police Commissioners of the City of St. Louis or St. Louis County Police Department and given hours of supervisory training customized for your business, community or organization.

GCI Security’s excellent working relationship with local police departments allow us to offer secondary-approved police officers from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and a number of other municipalities in the Greater St. Louis area as security for your property. There’s no better deterrent to criminal activity than the presence of uniformed police personnel.

These officers hold the same rights and responsibilities, including making arrests, as they would while on duty with the local police department, but through GCI Security, the attention is concentrated on your private property or neighborhood. Our secondary-approved police officers are held to the same professional standards as required by the local Board of Police Commissioners.

Our pledge to you:

  • Our officers will always offer friendly but effective security services.
  • We will always maintain a professional appearance.
  • Our officers, dispatchers and management personnel will always be great communicators.
  • We will respond to issues quickly and professionally.

Mobile Security Patrols

Effective commercial and neighborhood patrols

Do you have a large amount of property that needs to be secured? GCI Security has a fleet of marked and unmarked vehicles available for patrol of your neighborhood or business. In designing a security package for you, combinations of car and bicycle patrols are made available to maximize the presence of GCI officers. GPS technology is available to help ensure that our officers will be in the right place at the right time.

Security Cameras & Monitoring

State-of-the-art camera installations

By utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance technology, GCI Security can now secure your business, community or organization better than ever before. With our energy-efficient, motion-sensitive surveillance cameras and digital video recording (DVR) technology, GCI can efficiently monitor key activity around your complex to help prevent potential security threats. Surveillance not only serves as a deterrent to theft, property, and violent crimes, but also as a defense against fraudulent injury claims.

GCI Security handles everything from the installation of cameras and DVRs to maintenance to ensure that your service is always on guard. We are happy to offer project flexibility to our customers as many of our surveillance projects can be broken up into stages based on your needs.

Audits & Investigations

On-site safety analysis from our experts

Are you unhappy with your security provider and are looking for data to back up your complaints to the company? Perhaps you’re just curious what your hired security guards are doing during the time when you’re not on site to observe.

Has your business been victimized by the repeated presence of suspicious persons, trespassing, theft, burglary, or property damage? Are you uncertain about the safety of your current business location and want to educate yourself and your employees on ways to greatly decrease the risk of these crimes.